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  1. Yes it is entitled. The "people that wanted it to be free" had their expectations met, every episode was released for free. Now a very large archive is going behind a paywall. Do you think Jerry Seinfield would feel betrayed that his show was no longer free if it went up on netflix? I imagine for each and every podcast there was some sort of agreement that earwolf owns the rights to the show. You act like Earwolf is some evil corporation trying to destroy your podcasts but I don't think anybody is getting rich of howl or anything, but there is a desire to make podcasting a more financially viable medium. If you don't want to pay for howl, don't buy howl but don't think you're justified in pirating the paywalled content.
  2. Long time earwolf listener, just felt the need to make an account to voice an opinion. I think these podcasts have given me countless hours of enjoyment, to put only the old ones behind a paywall is kinda fair. I think a lot of people are overreacting to the concept of having to pay for stuff. I am also a long time video game player and I noticed a trend of certain developers making terrible games and when people criticized the games, they would be called "entitled". I think if you pay for something crappy, it's not being entitled to complain about how crappy the thing you paid for is. However, it is the dictionary definition of entitled to be ranting and raving about having to pay for something.