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  1. tears in the typing pool

    Episode 511 - Morzouksnick Interruption

    Bob Ducca!!!!!!
  2. tears in the typing pool

    Episode 507 - Popcorn Costume

    some of my fave guests! hooray!
  3. tears in the typing pool

    A message from Earwolf's CEO about yesterday's episode de-publishing

    I used to subscribe but the push to move over to Sticher was a little too much for me as i really dont like the app. Midroll is indeed a for profit business and they have every right to pursue whatever business model they want but they must be aware that they risk alienating some of the fanbase. personally, i have limited resources and i'd rather they go to podcasters where i feel like i'm supporting a community of artists such as maxfun or individual patreons rather than a business. no shade to earwolf, thats just what id rather do.
  4. tears in the typing pool

    Paul F Tompkins on Hilarious World of Depression

    thanks for the rec! will deff check this out
  5. yuri gagarin wasn't much of an improviser but his space work was out of this world!