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  1. tears in the typing pool

    Episode 511 - Morzouksnick Interruption

    Bob Ducca!!!!!!
  2. tears in the typing pool

    Episode 507 - Popcorn Costume

    some of my fave guests! hooray!
  3. tears in the typing pool

    A message from Earwolf's CEO about yesterday's episode de-publishing

    I used to subscribe but the push to move over to Sticher was a little too much for me as i really dont like the app. Midroll is indeed a for profit business and they have every right to pursue whatever business model they want but they must be aware that they risk alienating some of the fanbase. personally, i have limited resources and i'd rather they go to podcasters where i feel like i'm supporting a community of artists such as maxfun or individual patreons rather than a business. no shade to earwolf, thats just what id rather do.
  4. yuri gagarin wasn't much of an improviser but his space work was out of this world!