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    Episode 180 - Mikal Cronin, Our Close Music

    I found the show last year, so sorry for not being as nice and cool and sweet as other people here. I started from the first episode and when I caught up to the new ones, I shelled out the cash to climb behind that damn paywall to listen to The Reality Show Show. I talked about you guys so incessantly that my boyfriend and my best friend started listening (so at least I brought in two new avid listeners! Points?) I just love Sean and Hayes (and Brett and Cody-boy and even creepy Kevin) so much. In this very scary world infested with condors, Jokers and mouse skellingtons-- I just wanted to thank you for your fearless humor. If this is the last episode, please know that I will always make sure to take turns sniffing flowers with my dog to see if bee in there and that I will never go in a shower without my shotgun. PS: Sean, my boyfriend went to a meeting at HBO last month and you were behind him in line at the receptionist and he really wanted to say "Wut up, wut up" to you but he was too nervous and regrets it to this day. So a deep and resounding "Wut up, wut up" to you, brother. And please don't end the show.