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    Flying (1986)

    An excellent summary! The only thing you failed to mention is the outrageously high number of butt sweat close-ups during their exercise montages.
  2. MiriamEmmrys

    Flying (1986)

    I will be thoroughly surprised if anyone has even heard of this lil' gem, but it's my all-time favorite terrible movie. In what is probably his greatest performance to-date, pre-Bill & Ted Keanu Reeves plays the male love interest of a teenaged gymnast with big dreams but even bigger demons. Just to give a little taste of what this poor-man's Flashdance has to offer, there is a love scene that shows the young couple responsibly laundering their sex sheets, post-coitus. Enough said. Even if this is too obscure a movie to do on the show, do yourselves a favor and watch it! (if you can find it, that is)