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  1. Trurl

    Episode 346 - Throwing Shade's Steampunk Aunt

    Please be a recurring theme, those 2013 youtube vodcasts now seem almost too good to be true.
  2. Excellent ep, podcast has been invaluable and crazy consistent. Now excuse me while I go down a Phillip K Dick-hole.
  3. Another great one - most, if not all the guests in the 2/3rds of episodes I've heard were on point, even though I'd not known half of them from Adam.
  4. Trurl

    Episode 344 - Two Foot Beach

    Finally, a music chart I can get behind! Show is great and all, but lately it's been despite of those. Surprised Baltz was born in 81, always thought him in his late 20s, such an excellent guest though. This, in spite of looking like Hitler's wet dream.
  5. Trurl

    Episode 361 - Chang's Christian Calves

    Yep, despite being a loss to any network, one of those shows that have more than fulfilled any quota to Earwolf, runtime is nothing short of insane (something like 40GB of audio). Having recently listened to the early episodes, I'm glad that it's only from hereon out that they go deeper into sports, it makes the archive still very relevant today.
  6. Trurl

    Episode 342 - Domain Burglars

    Video did justice to the site's name, twitchy as hell, other than that, much better quality than facebook. Hilarious episode as usual.
  7. Trurl

    Episode 492 - Dashiki Fever

    Hannibal, not heard of yours until just now - any good? Anyways, it isn't official, but very likely. Actually initially sold to me by an Earwolf Bryan Fuller interview.
  8. Trurl

    Episode 492 - Dashiki Fever

    Wow, thought Womp It Up had gone to podcast heaven for sure, that's tremendous news if it's back. Yesterday I find out my favourite TV show gets rebooted too, what's next, HIV cure?
  9. Just discovered The Apple Sisters for the first time this week and they go and appear on 3 of my fave podcasts in a row, an embarrassment of riches!
  10. Trurl

    Episode 341 - World of Picnic Tables

    Glad they're including TV more and more, they've far surpassed movies for a good 4-5 years, a little worried that American Gods is getting praised to high heaven, in a world where Logan and Wonder Woman are getting 93%. I'd be more confident with 50%... Enjoyed Howard's turn in Bajillion, only wish it had a bit more meat to it . As for Kulap's cameo, wowzers. Good to hear a 4th season is already in the bag.
  11. Trurl

    Episode 340 - Emotional Dance Conference

    Anyone know if Bajillion is already on Seeso, and is it still restricted to America? All this hype is making me restless.
  12. Was expecting something like that, bur what'll be the upshot of Howl from hereon? So much potential, and a much better name and interface, if slightly raw. Guess it now needs more to achieve its purpose.
  13. Trurl

    The Forum Forum

    Yeah, go for it, feels like something that should exist. reddit is a last resort for me too, as sterile and depressing as it gets.
  14. Trurl

    Episode 339 - Total Mask On

    Rotten Tomatoes approval rating is the equivalent of throwing a 100 sided dice, at least IMDB gives you a clear, though misguided average. And Alien couldn't be more of a loss for space, think new Star Wars to the first, pure cash-grab dumb-down fluff. Very nice ep anyway, I'd imagine this podcast is the best fit for the guest.
  15. That was fun, Matt getting wound up about the podcast award was great. Is it true about Black List getting cancelled? The interviews aside, it's unique and pretty damn cool. Oh, and the way Matt pronounces Spontaneanation feels like the right way to say it, correctly, it's way worse.
  16. Trurl

    Episode 356 - On the Stock Room Floor

    Enjoyed the reverse inquisition from the guest, and Chris Cox is stellar as usual.
  17. Trurl

    Episode 336 - No Chumming

    Only now noticed that if video of these isn't on the Who Charted facebook, it's cause it's on Earwolf's. Good times.
  18. Trurl

    Episode 335 - Rich Kid Woodstock

    Strikes me as weird, they're basically admitting they never listened to WC before, though I guess she does run 2 pods of her own. And she was definitely talking about Saints Row 3/4 with the Insurance Fraud mini-game, great game until it peaks too soon. As for this episode, I hated absolutely everything in the first 2 charts, but very much enjoyed listening nonetheless.
  19. You either love all of it, or none at all, quit while you're ahead, find a hobby etc.
  20. Trurl

    Episode 334 - Patronizing, Not Patriarchal

    Glad to see Into the Badlands getting high praise, I was sure it was going to stink after one episode, but ignore some cheesy dialogue and you've got a gem on your hands. And not complaining, but there seems to be a theme of guests being surprised they have to leave so soon, I say let them hang out until the end despite a new segment beginning, Sklarbro style.
  21. I thought it was a bit until I read your posts, most hilarious one too, until the repeated flogging.
  22. Trurl

    Episode 287 - 420 Special 2017

    I'm curious about how much weed impedes your improv skills, not at all judging by this ep. Wonder how often they do it.
  23. Trurl

    The Forum Forum

    I'm still trying to figure out why IMDb disabled their forum, still utterly at a loss...
  24. Trurl

    Episode 333 - Selfie Springsteen

    I'll admit, I only started Country last summer, so only made it up to ~60, before County began, but they kept stressing that point, so I just assumed it was more of the same. Whatever helps them grow, I say, listener-wise, we couldn't be more spoiled anyway.