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    Episode 333 - Selfie Springsteen

    I'll admit, I only started Country last summer, so only made it up to ~60, before County began, but they kept stressing that point, so I just assumed it was more of the same. Whatever helps them grow, I say, listener-wise, we couldn't be more spoiled anyway.
  2. Trurl

    Episode 333 - Selfie Springsteen

    Good - forgot they'd started another podcast, was waiting for the setlist to grow, definitely feels like the right direction for them, twice a week on sports is a tad too ambitious. Watched the facebook vid of this while cutting my hair, fun episode.
  3. R&B deliver. In other news, water is wet.
  4. Trurl

    Episode 332 - Arby's Search Engine

    Yeah, I just have a pathological hatred of new video games, is all, but still think the charts would be better off x, y, z instead of x, y, x.
  5. Trurl

    Episode 332 - Arby's Search Engine

    Had me until the video games, feels like they're only doing them cause they're popular, but they don't have the all-important audio baggage to play off of, plus unlike music and movies, games last much longer, thus making charts pretty useless. Not to mention the multitude of platforms, how this generation is plain awful, etc. TV would work better imo, though they'd be perfect as the last chart, one of each medium.
  6. Obviously it's an ever-changing medium whose iceberg you only get the tip of, but everyone has their preferences (that hopefully account for the length, consistency and quality of each). In the end though, the biggest factor has to simply be the hours spent listening, as is the case with all entertainment. If nothing else, this may raise awareness of the countless hidden treasures out there. Here is my Top 30 that I listened to at least 3 episodes of (18 are/were on Earwolf/Howl, wow!): 1. Kevin Pollak's Chat Show2. The World of Phil Hendrie3. Ronna & Beverly4. Who Charted?5. improv4humans6. The Dana Gould Hour7. The JV Club8. Mohr Stories9. Womp It Up!10. Comedy Bang Bang11. Affirmation Nation12. Sklarbro Country13. Here's The Thing w/ Alec Baldwin14. UCB Sports & Leisure15. Rafflecast16. How Did This Get Made?17. The Hooray Show18. Never Not Funny19. Pop My Culture20. Black List Table Reads21. The Todd Glass Show22. Anna Faris Is Unqualified23. Joshin' Around24. GG's Amazing Colossal Podcast25. Joe Rogan Experience26. Mr. Write27. Maltin on Movies28. Happy Sad Confused29. Next Level w/ Chris Tallman30. The Dead Authors Podcast
  7. I can't edit so I'll bump, just found a superb under-the-radar podcast, or rather vodcast, very raw, loose and candid, great conversational flow, bit like KPCS. Just don't judge it by the weird name. https://www.youtube.com/user/popcorntalknetwork/search?query=I+Blame+Dennis+Hopper It's Illeana Douglas hosting venture.
  8. Can't go wrong with that line-up, that dumping scene was the best I've heard in a while.
  9. Trurl

    Episode 331 - Cry Me a Violin

    Well, she sold me on Angie Tribeca, which proved to be as no-holds-barred absurd as it gets, except maybe Eagleheart. Great WC? guest, though for some reason I'm not getting video on facebook, dunno if just me.
  10. I'm glad a heavyweight like WTF is helping pull people in to Howl, but the black and white backdrop (no racist) of a scruffy studio is getting really stale, not least cause it's not a good representation of the website. There should be an interactive gallery a la Earwolf, albums are self-explanatory, but the podcasts & series need a lot more of a build-up than an alphabetical list of boxes.
  11. Trurl

    New podcast platform idea?

    Other than music-only ones, who listens to podcasts in 5 minute increments? This sounds like an ok addition to Soundcloud or art19, but only useful for skipping ahead if a segment is stalling, but you can do it manually just as easily. The big game-changer in podcasts seems to be video feed, which is only getting easier to implement, as for media platforms, there's probably too many as it is.
  12. Ugh, clicked cause of Daly and... another podcasting bonanza I need to make appointment listening of. Give it a rest, guys!
  13. Trurl

    Episode 330 - Warlock Tinnitus

    Someone say lookalikes? Moar here.
  14. Trurl

    Episode 329 - A Fedora-Like Mindset

    ❤ Cody's flubbishes
  15. Trurl

    Episode 42 — 12.5 Cups of Summah

    I'm the opposite, I only sampled it cause it's Who Charted, but just went on to prove they can get anyone to functional level. The completion-to-dud ratio so far is about 60/1, the best for such a long running pod. I'll retry #40 should I catch up, just for the f of it.
  16. Trurl

    Episode 328 - Ku's Booze Koozies

    Wonderful ep, I suggest personalizing the music chart to keep each guest guessing, and a nice mix of genres going. As for the summah lovefest, you can't enjoy one season without the other, it's like picking your fav color, useless on its own. It's also fundamentally wrong, because the cold is more beneficial for your body. You can have a summah in wintah, but no reverse!
  17. Trurl

    Episode 327 - Scrolling Through Your Corolla

    There was a time when I would've been impressed by namedropping Katy Perry, but since 2011, her music's been so unlistenable that she'd be unfit to cover Howard's TV theme song. It's great to have the spirit of Reno 911 still alive in Bajillion, I bootlegged it cause Seeso is US only, but I've already converted 3 friends to it.
  18. Trurl

    Gemberling on Modern Family

    His defense of bestiality is why I like him, so I don't know what you could mean. He was the voice of reason and it made for the single most epic I4H episode ever. Anyway, in regards to popularity, you're exactly as famous as you need to be at any time, it's an effect, not a cause. Sorry to be a downer.
  19. Trurl

    Episode 345 - Baby Hustle

    Love the lips being the top end of a shit tube bit. Trivial and brutal.
  20. Trurl

    Episode 35 — Let\'s Get Outta Here

    I've been doing one a day since first coming upon it on Christmas, it's definitely the #1 hardest-to-get-sick-of podcast. I'm 10 eps ahead of you, and the blend of guests is relentlessly good, plus re-living all the music and movies of erstwhile is a really cool icing on the cake. I was put-off by the idea of it for a long time, presuming it was a serious analysis of pop culture, now I'm just a bit sorry the video thing didn't take off.
  21. Trurl

    What happened to Maltin on Movies?

    I believe he switched to Nerdist some time last year, for reasons unknown. To be honest, the guest list is impressive, but feels like a waste cause I find his daughter extremely irritating and overbearing. No loss on Earwolf's part.
  22. It's so tough unless it's a catchphrase, all the good ones are a joke/ minute, so saying one is ignoring all the rest. CBB: My Wife? Affirmation: You'll know when I'm taking the piss cause it'll be slow and drippy and I'll be crying. Womp It Up: -First time I saw you, I thought you were an upside-down umbrella on the ground. -Hurtful, but accurate. Rafflecast: Koala on my jacket, I see a car I jack it and it's all good, it's all good baby. Ronna & Beverly: Irregardless!
  23. Trurl

    Episode 153 - The 2017 OSCAR Podcast

    I agreed about Apocalypto, a perfect movie. A discussion where LaLa Land has a leg to stand on is normally doomed from the start, but Beverly's nonplussing stream of consciousness saved it.
  24. Trurl

    Unintentionally funny music

    That girl is from my hometown, I know what you mean, if you end up watching any video, it achieved its main purpose, i guess it's the extreme lack of self-awareness and stodginess that normally would kill any viewing experience (Jimmy Fallon). Can't think of any atm, so here's a classic: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yqVVv97pKGk Edit: found her doppelganger, it's a hobby of mine