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  1. This is definitely the best thing Jemaine's been involved in since the Conchords, hugely creative and original, and fully realized in its radio form, which is super rare.
  2. Trurl

    Episode 320 - What's Your Spread Game?

    Nice to hear of a fellow Soundtrack junkie. All the tunes you need right there. Doggy = canine answer to Grumpy Cat.
  3. /thread The only other thing I'd say is I hope there will be RSS support for Howl, because listening in MusicBee > the browser. And you probably should have at least left a sample of small gems like Rafflecast and Womp It Up, as opposed to pulling it all down, for newcomers' sakes.
  4. Great interview, I'm glad KC ripped into AB for Match Game, I just discovered it and now can't stop watching. It's basically his character from Rock of Ages and six other roasters.