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    Episode 324 - Ironic Love Songs

    Great ep, found out there was video of these on facebook, I discovered 'WC?' on those old VPN shows, so that makes me happy. Also, 'you alrite' is the single most popular way you're greeted in England nowadays, depressingly.
  2. Trurl

    Episode 323 - A Post-Black Sabbath World

    Loved the Sheeran piss-taking the most. Ele Woods is a very seamless replacement for Ku. Had to search Milana Vayntrub after this, and binge watched her old 'Let's Talk About Something Interesting' series, which is literally the female version of Between Two Ferns, pure gold with the right guest.
  3. Reminds me of old GTA radio, except more grounded and believable, it's like Phil Hendrie discovering voice changing software. And glad to see Bob Ducca is still with us, the title made me fear the worst...
  4. Trurl

    Episode 151 - Ana Ortiz Knows How To March

    Slayed at that event! I'll be adding a review even though I never use iTunes, I'd be so happy if they posted weekly.
  5. Trurl

    Episode 339 - Hunt For The Hum-A-La-Bi-Ba-La

    She'll always be Mindy from Space Lords and Demon Woman to me, cameos though they might have been.
  6. This is definitely the best thing Jemaine's been involved in since the Conchords, hugely creative and original, and fully realized in its radio form, which is super rare.
  7. Trurl

    Episode 320 - What's Your Spread Game?

    Nice to hear of a fellow Soundtrack junkie. All the tunes you need right there. Doggy = canine answer to Grumpy Cat.
  8. KPCS, improv4human and Ronna & Beverly, just pick one. Consistent as balls every year. Edit: Just realized it's fav episode KPCS #262 Jamie Lee Curtis i4h #261 Sing-a-long Experiment #2 R&B #141 Ben Platt
  9. /thread The only other thing I'd say is I hope there will be RSS support for Howl, because listening in MusicBee > the browser. And you probably should have at least left a sample of small gems like Rafflecast and Womp It Up, as opposed to pulling it all down, for newcomers' sakes.
  10. Great interview, I'm glad KC ripped into AB for Match Game, I just discovered it and now can't stop watching. It's basically his character from Rock of Ages and six other roasters.