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    Bridge On The River Kwai

    Amy and Paul cross 1957's David Lean WWII epic The Bridge On The River Kwai! They explore the career of star Sessue Hayakawa, ask why Lean's tyrannical methods pop up so often in the AFI 100, and compare the film to author Pierre Boulle's other famous work "Planet Of The Apes." Plus: responding to your comments on Goodfellas, and the passing of Fred Willard and Lynn Shelton.
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    3rd Annual(?) Howdies

    I don't know what the cut off for the most recent episode is, but Megaforce has a great Paul's childhood stories. His first audition discussion starts ar 1:06:30
  3. grudlian.

    Episode 240: Megaforce LIVE from Montreal!

    I've spent some time this morning watching 3DO commercials in hopew of figuring out which one Paul might have auditioned for. Fortunately, the 3DO failed pretty early and almost all the commercials were voice over graphics. I can't confidently say this commercial was the one Paul auditioned for, but it seems likely.
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    Amy & Paul strut through 1972's Weimar Berlin-set musical Cabaret! They learn about the many forms this story took before becoming a film, discuss a scene that foreshadows today's "fake news" era, and ask if Liza Minnelli is too good of a singer to play Sally Bowles. Plus: Adam Pascal, who played the Emcee in the revival of Cabaret, talks about why he finds the character so unnerving.
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    Musical Mondays Week 92 Mamma Mia!

    I checked. This was filmed in Greece.
  6. grudlian.

    Musical Mondays Week 92 Mamma Mia!

    These are my thoughts on it. I liked it just fine the one time I watched it. It was fun. I liked the music. I probably won't watch it again unless someone really wanted to. I think this is probably the best case scenario for a jukebox musical. Unless you count Singin' In The Rain, I can't think of any that come close to this. Don't make me choose!
  7. Paul, June, and Jason discuss the 1992 live-action/animated fantasy film Cool World starring Kim Basinger, Brad Pitt, and Gabriel Byrne. They talk about the rules of the animated realm of Cool World, why Brad Pitt’s character is a police officer, Holli Would wanting to turn human by having sex with a noid, and much more. Subscribe to Unspooled with Paul Scheer and Amy Nicholson here: http://www.earwolf.com/show/unspooled/ Check out The Jane Club over at www.janeclub.com Check out new HDTGM merch over at https://www.teepubli…wdidthisgetmade Where to Find Jason, June & Paul: @PaulScheer on Instagram & Twitter @Junediane on IG and @MsJuneDiane on Twitter
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    Episode 237.5 — Prequel to 238

    Bloodshot is now available to rent on Amazon for $4.99.
  9. grudlian.

    Episode 239 - Cool World

  10. Don't blame Hulu for making a good decision regarding Great Wall.
  11. grudlian.

    Episode 239 - Cool World

    This is not the America the founding fathers envisioned.
  12. grudlian.

    Episode 239 - Cool World

    In the same scene, that rabbit is supposed to represent Roger Rabbit. I wouldn't have thought anything about a rabbit with no obvious visual connections between them. The woman who starts speaking to the rabbit is wearing Jessica Rabbit's signature outfit of a red dress with purple opera gloves with purple eye shadow. I don't think that's a coincidence.
  13. I thought the second one was fine but not as good as the original. The woman playing young Christine Baranski did such a great impression of Christine Baranski that it's at least worth checking out a couple scenes of her.
  14. grudlian.

    Musical Mondays Week 91 Hello Again

    I didn't know that about the art on his recent albums. I get the feeling album covers have never been a big deal to Dylan. If they're using stock photos or whatever, I'm curious what the process is for deciding. But it makes me laugh thinking about people analyzing his old covers when Dylan might have very well thought nothing about it. I'm wondering the same thing about this album. Is it just a collection of unreleased music from old sessions? Is that why Murder Most Foul gets its own disc? Also, RIP Little Richard.
  15. grudlian.

    Musical Mondays Week 91 Hello Again

    Amazon has Murder Most Foul on its own disc but that is the only source I see with that distinction. Definitely still a rip off but, from the songs we've heard, Murder Most Foul feels the most different. So, maybe that's the reason? But I figure most people just get mp3s or stream it. Kind of a weird separation. But here's the weirdest thing I've seen about the album. I don't know its origin of the cover artbut its been used as an album cover previously. https://www.amazon.com/Mojo-Chess-Northern-VARIOUS-ARTISTS/dp/B0009MA996/ref=sr_1_1?dchild=1&keywords=mojo+chess+northern+soul&qid=1589035498&sr=8-1
  16. grudlian.

    Musical Mondays Week 91 Hello Again

    Wikipedia has the album as 70:33. Idk, Triplicate was only about two hours and it was split on three discs. Maybe there's a thematic reason.
  17. grudlian.

    Musical Mondays Week 91 Hello Again

    I haven't pre-ordered it yet, but I'm definitely going to get it. I like the new single too. This album is going to be all over the place. The singles that have come out are all really different from each other. It's also only 10 songs but comes on 2 CDs. Are there multiple songs as long as Murder Most Foul?
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    I feel kind of the same about his brother suddenly being important. I think it's a more valid point, but another huge stereotype of Italian American mafia movies and families is the importance of family while also being really shitty to them. So, his brother being important is awfully convenient, but not a deal breaker. I don't think she's wrong to point this stuff out but her biggest arguments felt like nitpicks to me. I'm certainly guilty of that myself but I was expecting much more substantive arguments from her after Paul said the episode of The Canon was convincing. I'm not sure I agree with your point that Pesci being too old cements that his behavior isn't sustainable. I think it kind of proves that it has been sustainable for him if he's made it to 47 acting that way. His connections have covered for him long enough that he doesn't need to learn. With a younger actor, it would feel more to me that this will probably be his downfall. But Pesci is so good in this that I guess I don't care. So, I get Amy's point here with Pesci's age. I've seen this a couple times and I guess I never even thought of Joe Pesci and Ray Liotta as childhood friends even though that's clearly what they are supposed to be. But I understand Paul's point as well. If you're going to have a movie take place over 20-30 years, how do you cast that? Typically it's young people who eventually get grey hair wigs and makeup but I don't see why de-aging people is a problem either (except that it usually isn't convincing).
  19. grudlian.

    Episode 239 - Cool World

    I agree with this. The movie looks significantly cheaper than Roger Rabbit despite coming out a few years later. The budget on this was $50 million but Roger Rabbit was $70 million. I don't know anything about animation costs, but is a $20 million difference enough for this to look that much worse? I think the animation in this occasionally looks good but it really looks significantly cheaper than Roger Rabbit. I read an interview with Bakshi and he admits some fault in the fact that he's maybe not the best guy to be running a production this large. So, maybe that's part of it?
  20. grudlian.

    Episode 239 - Cool World

    That's what I don't get. Theft apparently isn't a crime in Cool World. So, what are they enforcing? Why step in for that situation when it seems the theft, violence and intimidation are pretty much everywhere in Cool World?
  21. grudlian.

    Episode 239 - Cool World

    If there is only one law in Cool World and no one has ever broken it, why do they even have Brad Pitt as a police officer? Why is there even a police department?
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    I thought the entire movie is that Henry Hill is supposed to be an unreliable narrator. The highs are never that high. The lows are never his fault. And with what we know from the real life person, that seems consistent with who he is. I feel like a lot of the inconsistencies (but certainly not all of them) are tied to Henry Hill saying one thing and him just being wrong. If Amy doesn't like the movie, that's fine. I like the movie okay but am maybe not a huge fan of it either. I genuinely agree with the criticism that Pesci is too old but I felt like the rest of her criticisms didn't make much sense. Especially the sauce argument. It's such a huge stereotype that Italian Americans love sauce that I don't think we need our hands held with an earlier scene of it. Unless the movie makes a point of saying "this guy really hates cooking" I won't balk at them showing an Italian American cooking tomato sauce.
  23. grudlian.

    Episode 238.5 — Prequel to 239

    I wouldn't say I hate Bakshi, but I think almost every movie I've seen is not very good (but as Quasar said, I remember liking Fire And Ice and I have some fondness for Lord Of The Rings). I respect him for doing low budget animation largely outside the studio system for adults instead of pandering. I like the ideas he tries to do and the complicated nature of his movies. But his movies never convey his ideas well. When I've heard him talk about what he's doing in his movies, they all sound super interesting. The final product is a big mess. I've wondered how much is his low budget but I suspect they wouldn't be that much better with more money (except they'd look a lot better probably).
  24. Paul & Amy gawk at 1916's D.W. Griffith silent spectacle Intolerance! They praise the eternally cool Mountain Girl, ask if Griffith was the original 'troll' director, and marvel at the ambition on display in the oldest film on the AFI list. Plus: Unpacking your thoughts on Yankee Doodle Dandy. If you could kick just one film off the AFI list, which would it be? Call the Unspooled voicemail line at 747-666-5824 with your answer! Follow us on Twitter @Unspooled, get more info at unspooledpod.comand don’t forget to rate, review & subscribe to us on Apple Podcasts. Also check out our live Spool Party episodes on youtube.com/earwolf! Photo credit: Kim Troxall
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    Intolerance: Love's Struggle Throughout The Ages

    Here is the set from Intolerance as featured in LA Noire. If the link doesn't work, just go to about 42:45 in the video. I remember playing this when it came out coincidentally shortly after seeing this movie. It was a really interesting part in a kind of weird game.