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    Episode 154 - Highlander II: The Quickening LIVE!

    Hey Paul, June and Jason! Boy, oh boy what an unholy mess you all walked into with Highlander 2! I’m actually one of three hosts of a weekly Highlander Podcast called Highlander Rewatched. Yes…there is that much to talk about with Highlander that it deserves it’s own podcast….5 movies (most are awful), a pretty great TV show, and an absolutely atrocious animated series in which the highlander rides a dinosaur and has a “Snarf” like sidekick. Anyway, just wanted to share a few notable facts and observations about Highlander 2 with you! First, off, let’s start with Christopher Lambert’s insane old man voice. In the original movie, which takes place in 1985, he is supposed to be the age of an18 year old. The movie starts in 1999 when he creates the shield, making him 32 years old. Then we jump ahead to the year 2024 - making him only 57! FIFTY SEVEN?!?! He sounds like he is 105 years old! His voice makes no sense at all! When Connor and Ramirez approach the Super Max prison in their car there is a sign at the front entrance that says “No unauthorized (spelled UNAUTHORISED) persons to proceed beyond this point” There is a HUGE typo on the screen! They couldn't even spell unauthorized correctly. Could anything more have gone wrong on this film? Of course! As you mentioned Christopher Lambert got injured a number of times during this shoot. During the final battle you can actually see he is still wearing his hospital bracelet! Guess he couldn't be bothered to take it off. Finally, just a little tidbit. If your turn up the volume, in the “Special edition” of this movie (there are about 4 versions of this movie!) you can hear Sean Connery whisper in the woman sitting next to him on the plane’s ear “I hear dark haired women like to SIT ON MEN’S FACES” Holy shit! But what is the best part of all of this? In the original theatrical version of this movie they edited that last part of his line to you never really know what Sean Connery says. The Producers, and Director of this movie decided when making the special edition DVD which came out years later - ”Hey you know that really crude line that we took out of the movie? Yeah, let’s put that back in!” GROSS! We also included a little supercut we made of Christopher Lambert's awful old man voice! Enjoy! Thanks again, you are the best and we always look forward to your show every single week! Best, Keith and the Highlander Rewatched Crew