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  1. There are some sequels that are so bad that they make the original movie worse. One that comes to mind is Spiderman 3. The 2002 Toby Mcguire, Sam Rami, Spiderman changed Uncle Ben's death to a carjacking right as the criminal is allowed to escape, which is a subtle change that makes more sense than happenstance later like the 1962 comic book versoin. Then Spiderman 3 attempts to shoehorn into that origin story that it was actually Sandman? Blech (Not to mention evil Peter dancing). Highlander 2 is one of those movies. Sitting in a movie theater in 1991, when it was revealed they are aliens, there was a lull in the sound/dialogue and you could hear a patron say loudly, "Aliens ?!?! They are f*#$ing Aliens ?!?!". It actually made the first movie worse.