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    Lucy (2014)

    Absolutely! I would love to see just how many "bonkers" moments this movie would illicit from Jason. I'm not even sure the dance scene from Gamer can top the Scarjo becoming a super-computer and going back in time to visit the first female human scene. I think the icing on the cake for that scene is that she takes the rolly chair with her. I laughed out loud! I'm just picturing her scooting her chair around time and space
  2. ShaunSharky

    The 6th Day (2000)

    I also love how they put a little spin on Arnie's catch phrase when he says, "Look, I might be back." And the clerk at RePet (another bonkers part of this movie) says, "You'll be back."
  3. Sorry guys. I searched for "The 6th Day" and nothing came back. Not sure why. Thanks for moving my post
  4. ShaunSharky

    The 6th Day (2000)

    This movie is ripe for the HDTGM picking. The nightmare-inducing doll alone is enough to ask how this movie got made, but we also get two Schwarzeneggers for the price of one! This future tale of the dangers of cloning even throws in a deformed, slimy Tony Goldwyn for good measure. And it's always fun to see Terry Crews playing a bad guy With a 41% on Rotten Tomatoes, this movie deserves a go on HDTGM. Who's with me?!?
  5. ShaunSharky

    Lucy (2014)

    HOW HAS THIS MOVIE NOT BEEN DONE YET? From the stock footage of animals screwing to an advanced super-computer delivering tons of knowledge on a magic USB drive with green screen sparkly stars on it, this movie is batshit insane! I just watched this the other day and I lost count of the number of times I painfully said out loud, "Seriously?" And I was watching it alone. They have to do this movie!!!