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  1. MatthewMack

    Episode 182 - Doing Spont, Our Close Friend

    Sarzoky is the guy from The Strain, right? Buss'up episode, but I was a little uncomfortable with PFT seeming a little peeved they skeeved Spont.
  2. MatthewMack

    Just Finished Listening to all the Episodes

    So it's me, Jason... Mantzoukas... Bill Kirchenbauer, and Humpty.... Dumpty. And Jason starts to FREAK out. He's screaming at Humpty, who's on top of a great wall and he's mad because Humpty Dumpty keeps singing the wrong song lyrics to one of Jason's favorite songs. Apparently he thinks it's "Mr. Weatherbee! Mr. Weatherbee! Mr. Weatherbee is an an-i-mal!" And Jason's face is all red and shit, and Bill and I are frantically trying to pull Jason away from the wall, but it's not really working because every time we start to gain some traction, Bill has to stop and pull up his sweat pants. And we got REAL close one time, but then Bill's coaching whistle started to strangle me, so we had to reset.. And the whole time we're just imagining that Humpty Dumpty is going to have a great fall, because he's got Beats by Dre on, and he's rocking out pretty hard with his eyes close, and he's very close to having a great fall. And if that happen, then egg go everywhere, egg go all over Jason, get in Jason mouth, and Jason die.. But try as we might, we can't get Jason away, and he just keeps screaming "I'd RATHER be.. GOD DAMN IT.. I'd RATHER be!!" but fortunately just as Humpy Dumpy start to fall, Panthro shows up and easily scoops all of us to safety in his warm muscular arms.. Heeeeey!
  3. MatthewMack

    Worst Episode?

    I actually didn't care for some of the Wild Horses not too long ago, but I really liked that episode. The only one in the last couple months I thought was bad was the one last week (Alison Rich). It was slow and boring until the boys started harassing the staff to save it. The worst ep by far is Dan Klein. He can't go more than two sentences without using the word "like." I almost turned it off halfway through, and it never really got any better.
  4. MatthewMack

    Episode 181 - Carl Tart, Our Close Friend

    Finally! PW recovery finally worked and it's not too late for me to plead to Sean and Hayes to keep the podcast alive! You guys have so much to podcast for. Don't stop now.. Just threaten to quit about 5 more times over 6 more months, and then start a Patreon and make over $10K a month each. It's easy! We have faith in you. And don't listen to those "old school" turds that bought the pro version 3 years ago and now think they're so cool and better than the rest of us that they don't need the show anymore. They'll be pumping our gas in a couple years.
  5. MatthewMack

    Episode 179 - Alison Rich, Our Close Friend Again

    I'm sick of people saying that women can't be funny. 6 of the last 7 female guests have been VERY funny!
  6. I thought the opener was a-maize-ing.
  7. MatthewMack

    Episode 158 - Body Parts: LIVE!

    Claud Squad 4 lyfe! I loved when she commented on Chrushank not being a real name, because I thought she was saying Cruikshank, which is the last name of the main character on her show Love.
  8. MatthewMack

    Episode 177 - Wild Horses, Our Close Friends

    Smoke up, Johnny! hahhaha.. and that's from that movie.. Sixteen Candles. Speaking of smoking, I can't get that Wild Horses ep promo shot of Sean on the couch out of my head. I've always thought myself to be more of a Hayes man, but that confident look in his face, the sunglasses indoors, the way he matched his sneakers and hoodie.. I'm smitten!
  9. MatthewMack

    Episode 303 - Maggie's Dawn

    It'd be nice if the cast was introduced afterwards. I notice a lot of the time I'm wondering who's voicing a role.
  10. MatthewMack

    Episode 177 - Wild Horses, Our Close Friends

    Wait.. so there were only 3 of them?
  11. I loved this ep. It reminded me of that situation where you're at the bar with a friend, and you're sitting with the two sort-of cute strangers you just met.. and you can't tell if you like each other yet, but all of you know you're getting fucked tonight..
  12. MatthewMack

    Episode 173 - Mike Mitchell, Our Close Friend

    I smoke Camel Crushes too, (Used to be a pack a day, down to 1 a week) and I eat spaghetti at least twice a month. I also have an annoying partner named Nick that's always trying to fuck small children.. So this episode really hit home for me.
  13. MatthewMack

    Hayes and Sean talkin BJ's on Doughboys!!

    I heard they were sending John Boy.
  14. MatthewMack

    Episode 170 - The Wendigabrus, Our Close Friend

    Does anyone have a neat reference guide to all the meta mentions that were going on later in the episode. I lost track of who was talking about themselves and when they might have been talking about other people.
  15. MatthewMack

    I'm new, here's some of my fav episodes so far!

    Wow.. having just listened to the Chris Bannon episode, this post feels somewhat hacky.