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    Hi all, I never post on these things, so please excuse me if my tone or style is off :-) Like many here, I got into HDTGM by chance encounter, and became hooked almost immediately. The fact that it was completely free was obviously a major factor, and the full access to the archive also. After listening to a few of the newer reviews, I spent all afternoon one day trawling through the archive for films I recognised and downloaded them feverishly. Since then, my early morning drive to work and often my evening drive home have been an absolute joy thanks to this podcast. Whilst it is a shame that such a radical change has happened virtually overnight, upon hearing Paul's explanation this morning, I immediately went on to the howl website and subscribed for a year. I really do not feel that $35 is much to ask for a year's access to this excellent, quality entertainment. I often hear on the podcast of people freely donating hundreds of dollars just out of the kindness of their hearts, and they get nothing for it except for Paul's praise and gratefulness. Guys, this sucks, we know it does, but so do a lot of things in life. Paul, June, Jason: you've taken the oddest of odd ideas and turned it into a cultural tour de force, and I am more than happy to give you a small fee for your hard work. All the best from Germany! Stu.