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  1. There is an interesting HDTGM connection in this movie that I wanted to bring up. While Taimak's resume isn't the most stellar on IMDB, one needs only look Off-Broadway in the year 2003 for Taimak in (and this is the full title)


    Road House: The Stage Version of the Cinema Classic that Starred Patrick Swayze Except This One Stars Taimak from the 80's Cult Classic 'The Last Dragon' wearing a Blond Mullet Wig



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  2. I think that the "Net Trap" used to capture our nerd is something that Sub Zero used when facing off with multiple runners (Which they must have done in the past as they were prepared to send multiple people this time). He would... I guess slap shot... one of the runners into the net, kill the free one and then open the net up to kill that one.


    It's just a guess.

  3. A big question I have is "How did the rebels cut footage of the dead winners (The Skeletons found in the locker room) edited into their video piece? Neither Arnie nor Maria Conchita Alonzo had a video camera on them and there definitely wouldn't have been security cameras in the room where they store the dead bodies.

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  4. Correction and Omission:


    Long time listener, first time forum poster.


    I had a thought about Connor's motives in the creation of the Shield, Connor, having lost his wife, was in such pain that he wanted to ensure that he was allowed to die, being the only immortal left on earth. The failing ozone layer inspired him to build a shield that would not only protect the people of earth, but potentially disrupt the ability of immortals from Zeist to zap themselves to earth, at least long enough for him to die an old man. Sure he could have let the Ozone kill him and everyone else, but he didn't want to sacrifice the world to guarantee himself mortality.


    And if we want to get crazier, is it possible that one Connor Macleod of the Clan Macleod, after years under an electromagnetic shield and experiencing multiple instances of the quickening, was himself zapped off of earth to another dimension, OUTWORLD, where he took the name Raiden and trained others to fight as the Spaniard once did for him?

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