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  1. KevinJeffrey

    Episode 306 - Sona Movsesian, Our Conan Friend

    Please don't misunderstand, any negativity in my previous post was solely directed at the human paraquat that was the guest. I am more than sure that this is just another case of a person getting booked that has no idea what they are getting into and thinks being a shut-down artist is the cool and good thing to do. I love Andy Richter and he definitely gets the kind of thing this show does where I don't think Conan gets anything that isn't Conan anymore. He's just way into his own stuff and I feel like if you gotta book an assistant, Andy's would be better. If he had one. As far as my joke, I can't say that I actively pilfered it from anywhere, but I hear a lot of similarly styled quips
  2. KevinJeffrey

    Episode 306 - Sona Movsesian, Our Conan Friend

    My sides hurt listening to this episode. Not in a good way. A bad way. Maybe Andy Richter has an assistant you could talk to that would be better?