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    Episode 322 - Live from the SF Sketchfest

    It is very disappointing that the updates on Origin Story have seemed to just fade off. If the project is scrapped the right thing to do would be to refund the money your loyal fans donated. It is safe to assume that you are far more wealthy than most, if not all of the fans who raised over a hundred thousand dollars to help you pursue your dream. It is great that other opportunities have presented themselves to you, but it is downright rude to beg for a huge sum of money only to abandon ship. At this point, I am embarrassed to have fattened the pocket of an already rich celebrity. Fact is, rich people should not crowdfund projects, and especially those they aren't fully committed to completing. Do the right thing and refund the indiegogo money. There are frankly more worthwhile causes that money could be supporting right now.