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    Nerd Poker Stopped Working?

    Thanks for getting back to me. Why was i able to listen to it before? I got up to episode 25. It still shows the podcast on the iTunes store? Was that a glitch? Thanks for your time, Sam
  2. sawguy2010

    Nerd Poker Stopped Working?

    Hey guys, I came across this podcast about a month ago and really enjoyed it. I got too about podcast 25 when something happened. For some reason i am not able to download the podcast anymore. All of my other podcasts work fine and download but this one. I cant even listen to it from the iTunes store? When i click download nothing happens. Once i got an error code 403 but that does not happen very often. I don't know what is wrong with this podcast, but it bums me out, i really liked it. If anyone has a solution i would be grateful, this has been going on for about three weeks. All comments welcome, Sam