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  1. ok 3 specific notes in this monstrosity (not just three, these are my best three):

    1. Why does Stella Star's slave outfit have a Dracula collar? What is this accomplishing?

    2. AH! She's got STAR earrings and her NAME is STAR! Brilliant (no, not really)

    4.  Really, a nervous robot is what gets translated from Star Wars to Starcrash?! And why is Elle Southern? 

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  2. OK, as what appears to be the resident Disney fan, let me clear up a few things:

    1. Paul, The Country Bear Jamboree still plays at Walt Disney World, why are you so fixated on it being in Tokyo? Why? 

    2. Trixie. oK in the theme park show, there are two women and one girl group made up of three younger female bears (Bunny, Bubbles, and Beula). Trixie, in the attraction, is heavier and tends to sing songs (in all three different shows) of lost love. And Tedda Berra (who comes down from the ceiling on a swing) is more...seductive? She has chemistry with Henry, certainly. I feel like film Trixie was a composite and the younger bears were just cut. So...yeah, let's just cut as many females out of the Jamboree as possible.

    3. The main difference I don't like here is the feeling about country music.  When the original show was produced, country music was more of a Johnny Cash/Hank Williams kind of style. Trying to transpose it to this country rock thing just DIDN'T work for me at all. I think if this movie had been in development a few years later when Walk the Line hit, it might have all gone differently. 

    4. Yes, I'm one of the people who loves the attraction. I love the characters and again, that old school country music vibe. That's NOT what this movie is. 

    5. You know Don Henley was just NOT happy to say that line about the Country Bears being better than the Eagles. You can see the pain in his eyes. 


    OK, if anyone has more Country Bear attraction questions, go ahead and ask! I avoided this movie after seeing the trailer because I knew it would be awful. Thanks a lot, guys, you proved me right.

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  3. So, I'm watching the movie Thumbelina on youtube because I'm an animation buff and have some holes in my Don Bluth info.

    The podcast needs to do this movie.  it's garbage. And they don't do much animation on the show. This and Rock-a-Doodle. 

    Plus, a lot of the cast has been in Disney movies. It just feels SO much like they're trying to capitalize on Disney. 

    We should all be grateful Bluth left Disney in 1977.

  4. ok, I'm watching the movie this very moment and planning to listen to the show on my way to work but I hope to GOD someone mentions Emma Roberts dipping her finger in the sauce, LICKING that finger and then doing it again.  I screamed at the tv "DONT DO THAT!" She's a trained chef and has no problem with CONTAMINATION?!?!!?!  That is the only thing to wake me up from this bland ass movie.


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