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  1. Speaking of LMM...I saw Hamilton in Chicago on Saturday! I laughed and I ugly-cried. I ugly-cried a lot. My mom, who isn't terribly into rap and hip-hop, told me that now, it's her favourite musical. Sorry to hijack the thread but I can't help it.
  2. Guys, I think I need to learn Japanese. That video Cam posted was insane and I want more. On the other hand, I like the mystery.
  3. As I mentioned on a thread months ago, young me was also attracted to Disney's Robin Hood. After further contemplation, I think my adoration for British accents began with him. No. I am now. Brb
  4. Looking at the wiki list of box office bombs, I'd say The Man from U.N.C.L.E. (2015). I enjoyed that movie a fucking tonne and think it didn't get the love it deserved. It made me think "Oh, Henry Cavill AND Armie Hammer can act!" Spy is my new go-to movie. Peter Serafinowicz was the greatest, after Melissa McCarthy.
  5. My first cartoon crush was the one, the only Side note: My friend asked me to describe "my physical type" the other week. I am just now realizing that I described Tuxedo Mask.
  6. Pumpkin pie. Like that's even a question...
  7. EllenM2.0

    HDTGM Jams Mega Mix

    The Fate of the Furious and low key my Summer 2017 Banger http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UWLr2va3hu0
  8. I think it's weirdly both. For whatever reason, people in this society believe they have become addicted to surgery but no one has clued in that they're actually addicted to Zydrate. It's a co-dependant addiction(?) They need surgery to fulfill their emotional/psychological addiction and the zydrate is a physical manifestation/addiction. That's all I got.
  9. Aggressive. I've never seen this movie, only know half of a song from the CBB Solo Bolos. Looking forward to it.
  10. Thank you all, if for nothing else, for your indulgence.
  11. Not sorry for the double post. This live ep is up there with Bloodsport and Secret of the Ooze. The Second Opinion couple are relationship goals. They reminded me, in Secret of the Ooze, when June said "I think I AM married to that kind of man." Body of a scallop crushed me. I cannot stress how much oxygen I lost due to laughter. The man I'm going to marry (if he's not already taken and open to ladies). So Tim, if you're out there **not an actual photo of me**
  12. My C&O would be about the "Mother would be proud" line The correct interpretation is that Dan Akroyd's mother would be proud that he managed to find a second wife and that she was not only gorgeous but a virgin as well. I get how you can read it the other way, that Kim's "mother" would be proud she kept her virtue all this time but let's be real, Dan Akroyd's character isn't the type of dude to think about her perspective. Put 'er in a brar
  13. I thought of that 13 year old having a "Welcome to your first surgery special. We'll get you hooked on surgery/zydrate early on and if you can't afford us, we have financing!" Then falls down a rabbit hole of Lady of the Evening-ing. I think it's because they low-key have a relationship. She's willing to exchange sex for zydrate. So the guards are there, in case there is no zydrate on the table yet. I think getting shot in the thigh is like a foreplay thing to them. Also, so they don't blow out her veins? That part doesn't track as well because I think we can assume it's immediately active as a dermal injection. She does want to be a singer. She "opens" for Blind Mag at the Genetic Opera and is still half-strung out on zydrate. That's when her face falls off. 1. I thought it was because of Shiloh's poisoning, that's why she is pale. The others, I couldn't say. 2. She just was injected with zydrate, so I figured she was "unfocused" at best. And in the Come and Try My Parts song, it does look like she maybe got her eyelids done. 3. How dare you. I love it.
  14. I believe those were 2 separate women. There was the first woman, while testifying, who said she was an alcoholic and then just bought a new liver (Thanks GeneCo!). The second woman wanted breast implants but couldn't afford it because she was a single mom so GeneCo made her that "pay for display" deal. Well I better get cracking then. 12/10 agree.
  15. This is giving me flashbacks to when I didn't know how to gif. It still may take me a while, guys and gals. The sad part was at the legal clinic I worked at, my midterm evaluation complimented me on being "technologically savvy". Edit: The only option it's giving me is to change my display name, so I'm probably not established enough yet with this new account.
  16. Now I can't remember how to change it from Advanced Member to what I want it to be.
  17. I think Cyrillic is used just because it is "stylized". I don't think there was a revolution or anything. I figured it was a Brand Name drug, with the patent belonging to GeneCo. The stuff Graverobber was taking, due to it being "used", was off-market zydrate. I just assumed it was one-size fits all. It's the future, maybe it's a smart!drug and can metabolize itself in a patient. Problems then arise when people get multiple surgeries (...surgeries). I never thought about Zydrate actually killing anyone but I've already demonstrated my lack of depth in this movie re: guns and batteries.
  18. EllenM2.0

    Unforgettable (2017)

    We need more Katherine Heigl movies on HDTGM
  19. After I got through the early phase of "Wow, this movie is amazing", cards on the table I usually skip Alexa Vega's parts. Unless it's with Anthony Head. We all must suffer for art sometimes. I would agree 100%. You can't just have any Broadway actor be Thomas Jefferson/Lafayette. It takes an emcee. Same with Angelica Schulyer, like LMM has said that he can't even do Satisfied. Vega has a good voice, just not for this role. Which is why I feel Paris Hilton kills this performance.
  20. I don't remember where I got it from but I seem to recall that there already was a Anthony Head in the US Actors Guild, so he added the Stewart,
  21. Apparently it was well-received. Good thing I had nothing planned tonight lol
  22. I need to find this movie.
  23. I have not and am currently made of questions.
  24. I love movies for what they are, not what they try to be. My only regret is that I'll never hear Jason talk about this movie.