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  1. Did anyone else catch the shirt the one tourist is wearing when the underwater tunnel begins to flood?  I screencapped it here.  "Let A Gargoyle Sit On Your Face."  My girlfriend caught it and we are both still so confused by it:  what does that even mean?  Is the guy supposed to be the gargoyle?  And, most importantly, there's no way that the Costume Department gave him THAT shirt so how did no one make him take it off?

    Let A Gargoyle Sit On Your Face (Jaws 3).jpg

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  2. I'm surprised you guys didn't bring up the weird weekly "fight night" at Luigi's Bar between the dads.  I had to go back and rewatch the first scene where it's mentioned and then the fight itself and I still don't understand what's going on.  The gloves drawn on the chalkboard make you think it's an actual boxing match (or maybe two grown men Jell-O wrestling because this movie is definitely not above showing us that) but it turns out it's an...insult battle?  According to Luigi, "the first one to stand up is the loser."  And this happens weekly on Monday nights?  And a crowd regularly shows up to watch it? We know they don't have cell phones and barely use computers but just how antiquated is this neighborhood that that's their greatest source of entertainment?