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  1. On the surface this movie played like a heaping pile of shit (albeit a fun one), but it's actually an amazing satire of war and propaganda that was somehow overlooked as such at the time. This would be a great movie to dig into.
  2. bluto183

    3 Ninjas (1992)

    My brother, sister and I used to act this movie out from start to finish. Seriously, line for line. I WANT THOSE KIDS FOUND NOW!! OR I'LL TEAR OUT YOUR LIVER! I'm sure my parents heard their 8 year old yelling that and had serious concerns for his mental state.
  3. bluto183

    3 Ninjas (1992)

    Not only is the premise hilariously ridiculous, but has over the top performances (from Rand Kingsley as Snyder and Patrick Labyorteaux as Fester in particular) that make this movie insanely quotable.