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  1. What scene are you talking about? Toni Collette never says that, but wondering what scene you think it was in? Are you talking about after they arrest Donnie Yen's character? Also that's not an NSA meeting where Toni holds up the device. And Nina Drobev's character (the IT support) does later disassemble it which is how she learns that it's a prototype.
  2. I worked on this film (music department) - this podcast was awesome! It's really fun to hear how people reacted to scenes & sequences, and what they do and don't remember about the movie and what they took away from it. It's also funny as hell listening to them try and come up with reasonable explanations to things in the film that were intentionally over-the-top and ridiculous and never had any reasoning behind them. And thanks to the guy a few posts back who correct the audience member about the Neymar clip. That was my only gripe with the whole podcast was how wrong that audience guy was about which game the clip was from.