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    25 - Chronic Town

    I am listening to this Ep right now, and wondering why in the Holy H*ll they began with “Radio Free Europe” instead of “Wolves, Lower”. I had to turn the show off to catch my breath until my anger subsides
  2. Pause intro was so damn funny (esp with Little Janet Varney’s laughter in the background), as was the introduction to each of the improvisers. As soon as intros were complete, I started it over again (Marc Evan Jackson is always droll as hell when giving PFT a hard time). Also: Millie was a delight!
  3. Tawny Newsome is moving up in the pantheon of great Spontaneanation “Friends from the World of Make Pretends™“. She has a lightning quick mind and it’s a joy to hear her take the improv in a new direction and Paul start laughing at her improv in surprise. I hope she continues to be a regular as she always adds a lot to the improv.
  4. Arden was the perfect guest - super engaging and funny, with some fantastic stories (her description of her sex Ed class at Quaker school was for the ages). Wasn’t aware of her work before, but she was such a quick witthat I’m going to search more of it out.
  5. Drew Morgan

    Ask Paul!

    Your one on one Spontaneanation show with Craig Cackowski was incredibly quick with the improv; it seemed you were attuned to each other and it helped it flow great. Is having just one person to do improve with more difficult or just different than working with three or four other people? Also-you and I are the same age and I'm always tickled when you throw out a reference to the era we grew up in.
  6. Fast and funny improv with Craig C.; when he said (as Bela Lugosi), "Where is Ed Wood? I need him to shoot me up with heroin."