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    Episode 182 - Doing Spont, Our Close Friend

    A true return to form for spont I got so charged up I nearly flew through the roof like a frickin giant
  2. There is a user on YouTube names whatsuphotdog. He's uploading great clips of HH and 80% of the time when I am watching a great comedy vid and I look in the comments section, there he is. I just want to say: you're so great. You're my favourite YouTube star. I hope you're on the forums.
  3. HowlKremer

    Just Finished Listening to all the Episodes

    Marvin more like marvellous that was great
  4. HowlKremer

    Episode 181 - Carl Tart, Our Close Friend

    What a great episodes. I think the quality of the show is on a one way track to the stars. The guests are great, the chemistry is electric, the bits are better than ever, the fans are good and good at telling their friends and definitely have friends to tell about the show. However IS Sean ok?
  5. I don't know how to forum yet. Hayes Rice Chex joke was so good I had to pause the podcast as I saw it would not be receiving its due from anyone else. This was a great ep, although I am very afraid for Hayes' potential nuptials as Carrie Anne Moss's violence levels seem to be increasing.