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  1. TV and other podcasts interrupted this binge plenty of times. I had to renew the HOWL membership twice to get at all of them. Still worth it. DO IT! I'm relistening to my favourites now.
  2. I'm going to confess the reason I decided to go back and listen from the very beginning is because I wanted to know why people started shouting "kumite" during The Avengers: Live episode (#137) I've finally listened to ALL THE EPISODES and I've come full circle.... Started from the beginning and made it through right up to the latest minisode 161.5. Was it worth it? Hell, yes. There are SO many references that WARM MY HEART. These include: - "Where does the butt start?" - Anything to do with Paul's employment at Blockbuster. (I worked at a video store for a long time and this drums up the best memories.) - Paul's reference to "Rags to Riches". NO ONE HAS EVER TALKED ABOUT THAT SHOW. My follow up: Remember Misfits of Science? What about Step by Step? Your obscure references are not lost on me, Paul! - Jason's love of Gilmore Girls is completely endearing. I thought you were a big jerk the first time I ever listened to the show and thought you were a bro. I'm sorry. I didn't listen properly. I misjudged you. I'm not a Jason, but I get it now. You're good peeps, nerd. - "What's it's mission?" Thank gosh for June. I'm glad your voice is in this. For women, for animals, for just remaining a heartfelt conscience of the show. Thank. Goodness. I'm not sure what I'm going to do with myself after this and having to wait for a new episode. Congrats on an EFFING GREAT SHOW. YOU GUYS ROCK.
  3. Listening to episode #103 Zardoz... This is the third episode where I'm completely confused as to what the heck the movie is about and what everyone is saying. WHAT IS THIS MOVIE? Bejeebers.
  4. I won't lie, right now, I very much WANT to miss writing it.
  5. Dear Earwolf and How Did This Get Made Crew,I LOVE "HOW DID THIS GET MADE".I have been binge-listening to HDTGM episodes since Earwolf put the archived episodes behind the Paywall. It had been on my list on my regular podcast list, bust since they moved it to a paid subscription, I've been going hard to listen to the earliest episodes through the membership promos offered because it was what I had wanted to do from the beginning since discovering Paul, June & Jason halfway through last year. (<==== Yeah, I know, late to the game and SUPER LAME. I concede, I should have been on this WAY EARLIER in my life.)I had been doing this gradually prior to the elimination of the podcasts for free โ€” and it was disconcerting to find that they archived all the episodes into a paid section earlier this year. I want VERY much to support Earwolf and HOWL.fm and especially HDTGM, but as a starving student in the final-ish stages of her PhD, I can't contribute to things I really want to without taking away from rent and food.IN ANY CASE, I've just finished the first annual howdies where the gang indicated that they've created 10+ days of content. I've LITERALLY tried to stream as many intravenously via HOWL.fm, but I only managed to get through until 2014. I'll tell you now, it feels much longer than 10 days of contentโ€” NOT because it's boring, but because if you've ever tried to binge almost 8 years of content, you go a little batty. Try it. I dare you.Regardless, this is definitively one of the most incredible podcasts I've heard (and I listen to A LOT). I just want you guys to know that when I actually start making money, after I graduate and get a new job, I will contribute to How Did This Get Made (and Earwolf) in appreciation of how much you saved me from going insane during my dissertation writing.Take care and stay gold,-sad panda-P.S. I have LITERALLY listened to EVERY SINGLE EPISODE FROM DAY ONE up to episode 93 (Staying Alive, LIve!) up to this exact minute. I am determined to finish ALL of 2014, 2015, and the half of 2016 that I haven't heard within the next TWO WEEKS while trying to finish my dissertation. Huzzah. Watch me do this. Literally.