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  1. Corner the market. Potato the economy.
  2. John Cena lifts 500 pounds, and I sigh when I lift a milk jug, I could work out, but I think I'll just watch Clerks. Maybe have some cookies and some milk.
  3. Better Butter Up Your Mother When it Matters with Batter
  4. dhxlive

    Episode 472 - Pleats, Please!

    He really was, consecutive episodes where he is hopping on so many details in responses. I think it might be my favorite thing about his work, his attention to detail, cracks me up when a series of questions makes one question turn into 4 minutes.
  5. Find a penny, pick it up, wash your wands. When you pick up a penny, you pick up every penny that penny has ever been with.
  6. https://soundcloud.com/jess-hauger/time-to-do-your-plugs-by-danny-hauger-for-cbb
  7. Remember this, all you neigh-sayers, no one can understand any of your horse shit.
  8. Call you up in the middle of the night, like a firefly without a... you interrupted and said, "Dude, its 2 am, I'll call you tomorrow" and hung up.
  9. I said maybe, you're going to be the horse that neighs me, Because after all, you're a horse in a stall.
  10. Jason was ready to call Scott on just about everything in this one, Scott was a flame thrower from the opening catch phrase bell.