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  1. Whotony

    Cats for virtual Live Episode

    Probably. But you would think of the over ten thousand people who watched a few might come in here to comment. I guess not.
  2. Whotony

    Cats for virtual Live Episode

    Oh and there’s nothing like a 15 minute long closeup of Jennifer Hudson dribbling snot out of her nose. where did that chandelier take her?
  3. Whotony

    Cats for virtual Live Episode

    I’m surprised there aren’t more responses for this ep. so the lead cat, Jessica? What I saw was someone who was either trying their hardest to keep their penis tucked in or someone who had to take a pee and was crossing their legs just trying to hold it in. Judy, Judy, Judy how did they get you in this movie.
  4. Whotony

    Cats for virtual Live Episode

    Ha. I watched all but the last ten minutes of the movie but ran out of time before the show. Its one of the wackiest movie I’ve ever seen. Seriously how did this get made though.
  5. So is this ep a download or a one time listen at a provided link? I donated and get the link in an email but it doesn’t seem to dl to anything on my phone or iPad. Paul says you have 24 hrs to dl it on HDTG.com
  6. Whotony

    Episode 241: Ninja III: The Domination

    James Hong who was I guess a Ninja Exorcist in this movie was Bruce the Maitre D in the Seinfeld episode that took place entirely in a Chinese restaurant. It was titled The Chinese Restaurant.
  7. Whotony

    Episode 241: Ninja III: The Domination

    Did anyone notice, probably due to this being open matte that when She takes her shirt off as she is seducing the cop you can see a towel or half shirt covering her breasts. Also that thing Paul said was a demon baby looked more like a bust of an old man or woman. plus what kind of gym has members who ogle the woman and then sexually harassed and nearly rape one of them right outside the door while what looks like the entire gym membership stands and takes in the entire event. One of which is a cop who seems to take great enjoyment out of watching it. Then uses abuse of power and basically kidnaps Ninja woman and threatens to drop her in the middle of who knows where if she doesn’t take him back to his or her apartment. Then she immediately seduces him.
  8. I've been a lurker here for awhile, not sure If i ever posted before this. I loved this episode, I thought Erin's voice was just fine. I thought she was really funny with her excitement. There wasn't any more yelling that I heard from most episodes. Maybe there was some more crosstalk then usual. Still havent watched the movie yet but this ep makes me want to watch it. I really can't believe there are people who will complain about a podcast because they don't like woman, I guess I really shouldn't be surprised should I? It's so simple if you aren't entertained by the show don't listen to it.
  9. Whotony

    Episode 159 - Sleepwalkers

    I havent listened to the show yet. Last time I saw this was probably at the movies when it first showed. Was in love with Alice Krige, that skin was flawless. What's the deal with a teacher who smacks a student in his hand with a ruler. Then stalks another student and pulls him onto the side of the road to harass him and smack his hand in the car door. And then another teacher or principal who is dragging a kid out of the classroom by his ear. The kids refer to their make out point as Homeland? My favorite part of the movie was when Krige annihilates two cars with 2 point blank gun shots. Bonkers. Ok off to listen to the show.
  10. Whotony

    Episode 158.5 - Minisode 158.5

    I dont mean to interrupt all the cat gifs but Sleepwalkers is on the Sony Movie channel sunday night, in case no one mentioned it.
  11. Whotony

    Episode 156.5 - Minisode 156.5

    Yeh what was that? Any links to a good version on YouTube of surf ninjas?