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    Next R U Talking Series

    Yes, please! The Smiths would be a fantastic subject. Brilliant catalogue of music and Morrissey being such a problematic, larger-than-life character could lead to a lot of great bits. With only four studio albums, it'd be a short series. But the solo work from Morrissey and Johnny Marr is worth getting into too, or even Marr's albums while in Modest Mouse or The Cribs. Also, Steely Dan comes up on CBB fairly often. Not sure if either Scott loves and knows them well enough for a podcast, but as a casual fan, I'd be interested in diving deeper into their discography.
  2. Without the title, I would've thought this is the video for Frampton Comes Alive! In either case, I wouldn't watch - the boys haven't sold me on REM (yet).
  3. Fully Completely

    Episode 535 - Niles Per Hour

    Hilarious episode! I was napping when this first came on my playlist and missed the intros. So, I honestly wasn't sure whether Peter was a character and was waiting for clarification that he was a real person like Scott gave for the English lawyer in Be My Guest, Literally!. Peter was fantastic and I felt like a real tool when I realized I've already enjoyed him on a bunch of British panel shows.
  4. Fully Completely

    Best of 2017 Pt. 4

    Yeah, I don't want to acknowledge it either in the hope that any transition plans will just be forgotten. But it sounds like Hot Soccermom is starting to feel burnt out and might want more time to devote to other projects. New Comedy Bing Bongs are the highlight of my week, so I hope this doesn't result in any dramatic changes to the show - especially not a change of host. Scott is so underappreciated for the role he plays in making everyone in the room that much funnier. I can't imagine the show without his sensibilities. But Scott's gotta do what's best for him; and no matter what happens, I'll still be grateful there are hundreds of amazing eps in the archive to keep me entertained.
  5. Fully Completely

    Bono Johno Ringo Plugs

    This was plugs theme was awesome! I would listen to an album of this; it's kind of like The Avalanches, but better because it combines two things I love: CBB and Beatles.
  6. Fully Completely

    Episode 478 - Spank Me With A Feather!

    At the 2-minute mark and it's already off the rails. I'm so excited for the rest of this ep.
  7. Fully Completely

    Episode 474 - Liquid Meal Spheres

    *In the worst fake Irish accent possible*: Happy Morch everyone! I really could listen to Scott muse about the months for ages. I want to submit a "best of" vote early for this ep. This was gold from beginning to end, and I really didn't want it to end when it did.
  8. Fully Completely

    Episode 473 - Tight Tort

    This ep was wild; I loved it. And really love Tommy Middle D. Did anyone else hear a similarity between Alan Buchanan and one of Kevin MacDonald's Kids in the Hall characters? (I'm still wracking my brain trying to figure out which one.)