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  1. Ok, this is the last one of this batch. When Tatiana Maslany said that "Their Stuff" sounded like Weezer, I kinda couldn't wait to upload this one. Anyway, we love Weezer, too! Well, the first four albums, at least. Back to the writing room for Heynong Band! Enjoy!
  2. We couldn't decide if we wanted to parody the Stooges version or the Sonic Youth version, so we went with a little of both.
  3. The hits just keep on coming...
  4. We're just now really getting into the really good stuff! Some studio tricks were used on this track, but no engineers were flogged.
  5. Don't hate us because you are not us.
  6. My deepest apologies to our throngs of fans who were waiting for this on Tuesday. I had a shitty day, and didn't remember to post this until late last night, after it was too late. Enjoy!
  7. I'll fuckin', I'll fuckin' sew ya Plug Bag closed and just keep feeding you, and feeding you, and feeding you...
  8. Too soon? (Plugs Edit) -extended-version(An extended version because we sling MAD 'TENT, yo!)
  9. Fresh fun forthcoming for fungi-feasting Flashback Friday fans!
  10. Maybe a bit too topical and politically-charged, but desperate times call for fucking amazing music. https://soundcloud.c...294490/pluggers