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    Episode 21 - Tony Robbins: Force of Nature

    I am a 53 year old mother of 3 living in Kalispell, MT, very close to Glacier National Park. I recently found your podcast while listening to Pod Save America with Katie as their guest. I love the podcast's journalistic conversations, I listen for the entertainment and education you supply. Today's guest, Tony Robbins, mentioned how embarrassed he was by the incidents of the recent violent protest at Berkeley, a violation of the first amendment. I spoke with a sophomore at Berkeley this past weekend at a bonfire(physician birthday party), yep those happen here, gorgeous location along the Flathead River, fabulous chocolate cupcakes, etc... Again, anyway, I asked her about it, because living here is like no other location for isolation from ideas and activities, although the Alt-Right white supremacist group did make us a little famous for a minute recently(Kalispell is 12 miles south of Whitefish). She said the school told the students prior to the Berkeley visit that they were concerned about a potential for violence due to the "fans" of the speaker, Yanapoulis attending. After, the 'event' occurred, Berkeley tried to reschedule, but by then he had fallen from grace and his talk was no longer relevant. So, that is one version and I have no way to prove this is the truth, but maybe Robbins didn't have all of it either? Can you look into this? I would love to know the true story. Mermm