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    Episode 167 - Chopping Mall: LIVE!

    A few things: -- everybody in this movie seems to answer phone calls and the person on the other end is asking if they have any messages or something... also, who answers a public pay phone? But this also means the phones work... Yet they never even try to call for help -- so this mall wants high tech security robots... But really DOESNT want 1 alarm? There isn't 1 alarmed store in this whole building -- The upgraded security was big news in the mall. They held s demo in the middle of the place... Now you're a group of "teens" planning an... Orgy party... Wouldn't you say "let's not do it the same night that they upgrade the security system?
  2. Asbell

    Episode 167 - Chopping Mall: LIVE!

    Want help right away and not have to wait for morning? Pull the f'ing fire alarm on the wall behind you and go hide in the air-ducts again.
  3. Asbell

    Episode 167 - Chopping Mall: LIVE!

    I have some problems off the bat: --The robots kill the first guard but When the second guard comes in, they don’t have blood on them... so they also clean themselves? --the mall scientists keep looking at the robots as if they expect them to do something. If they are that nervous, why not put them in a different room? --the security robots are solving what problem again? Eliminating the need for a human security guard employee? Let’s say the mall had 3 night security guards, one for each floor like they do with robots...Well there’s 3 robots... but they require 2 mall scientists... so they’ve eliminated 1 human job... also, it seems like the salary for 3 night guards would be far less than 1 robotic scientist/engineer -- Finally: Let's set the scene-- you're the president of a robotics company that makes mall robots... You just landed a big client and it's their first night in deployment... You aren't gonna check in with your mall scientists to see how it's going?
  4. Asbell

    Episode 163 - The Running Man

    A few things with this movie. 1) Ratings are brought up a lot, but they said its "State Sponsored TV," like North Korea style... And there is so little variety.... Why are they worried about ratings? Do TV shows in North Korea worry about ratings? Like that old video of Kim Jong Il riding a horse... does that have ratings? 2) We are to believe this is the most popular show and everybody is essentially forced to watch it... So why do all these prisoners not know about it? Like things are never clear to them. They don't already know the attack plan of each of the famous stalkers. 3) Not one of contestants stops to made a weapon out of the rubble and stuff.... These stalkers are constantly out numbered. Every fight they get into, especially in the beginning is 4 to 1. If 2 of them made even just a basic spear or something, when one is being attacked, the other could kill the stalker from behind. 4) During the prison escape... why does the security system announce when the collars are off? Isnt that information you wouldn't want the prisoners to even know? like... ever? even if they had to be turned off from time to time, why not just let the prisoners assume they area always on? --Kevin
  5. 2 things-- 1) for jason--- do you believe that this movie takes place where: Dan Aykroyd, a scientist obsessed with his failing mission to find extraterrestrial life... and stressed from being a single parent... is struck by lightening in the opening scene.. the remainder of the movie is a Jacobs Ladder scenario where he manages to provide a stable home for his daughter, find a worthy replacement for his dead wife, and resolve his quest to find alien life? 2) "Bag" seems to be the same creature from Star Wars in the trash compacter.... so i would also argue that this takes place in George Lucas' Start Wars Universe. Maybe even having the signal being sent an early precursor to the death star beam. thank you. Kevin
  6. Asbell

    Episode 157 - Surf Ninjas: LIVE!

    Tone Loc-- I submit that his character is the same character from Ace Ventura. the movies are only 1 year apart, Surf NInjas (1993) and Ace Ventura (1994). He plays a detective in both. In Ace they only refer to him by his first name - Emilio. In Surf Ninjas they only refer to him by his last name, Lieutenant Spence. I believe that Lieutenant Emilio Spence was fired from the Santa Monica PD for his involvement with the "plot" of that movie. After, he took a job across the country in Miami, where he runs into Ace. This would also explain why in AV he is always hyper sensitive to his superiors' opinions and is trying to keep his head down, get his job done, and stay out of Ace's shenanigans.