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  1. Ninja Terminator has opened the kung fu flood gate. I guarantee that Crippled Avengers has more to talk about than Ninja Terminator. The violence is crazy over the top and also somehow very casual.


    The movie opens with a small boy being having his arms chopped off by capricious local gangsters. You would think this would lead to a heroe's journey where he learns to overcome his disability and bring the evil doers to justice. NO. He gets metal hands and becomes the villain for the rest of the movie who takes pleasure in crippling other people for things as innocuous as bumping into him.


    I watched this with a friend and we could not stop asking what the hell is going on through the entire thing. This is a Shaw Brothers film, not some random low budget throwaway.



  2. I like this! There are just so many things that could have made this movie sooooo much better, if they had taken the time to think things through.


    I wanted to present a better setup.


    The movie should OPEN with the scene of his death. The two people in beginning of the movie are inconsequential and just shouldn't be there. Open with his death, have the gang knock out Keri first (preferably with chloroform as it's used in other movies). Then have Packard exclaim they're killing Jamie because he's their rival or part of a rival gang they're wiping out (if that "Jamie wasn't a nice guy" thing is true). They kill him and dump unconscious Keri on the side of the road. Keri then becomes a "trophy" for Packard, since she was his rival's girl.


    From there, you can probably follow the general plot. Keri should DEFINITELY have reservations about getting involved with another guy. Maybe throw in the reason why Jake can't just blow up the barn when everyone is in it is because Rughead is there. We know Rughead wasn't one of the lackeys who killed Jamie, so he has to scare Rughead away instead. And maybe... don't kill the first two guys in the exact same way? Get a little more creative, come on.



    I would have liked it if Jaime had been the leader of Packard's gang and that his murder wasn't just a setup for Packard's kidnap dating of Keri. Rather there would be a larger rivalry between them and the murder would have some betrayal associated with it rather than seemingly random capriciousness.

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  3. At the beginning of the movie Keri is describing Jake and says that he just appeared in front of her house, but we watched a long opening sequence of him riding his motor bike around Arizona. You would think that him driving into town is to avoid the suspicion of appearing under strange circumstances, but apparently to Keri it is bewildering that a stranger might happen to be driving down her street when she happened to be leaving her house.

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  4. I just looked at the soundtrack for The Wraith, and not only does it have a song by Ozzy Osbourne, which is always a plus, it also has a song by a guy named Stan Bush.


    You should all know who Stan Bush is, because Stan Bush is the man who brought us...





    And also the theme to the Transformers cartoon movie, which is fucking awesome. That movie is also HDTGM worthy. As I have suggested previously.




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  5. They were there to act as night security against any burglars, while also being able to differentiate between staff who might be leaving late at night. Unfortunately, the people who made these robo-guards never took lightning into account as their Laws of Robotics were shorted out in one thunderstorm causing them to be hostile to everyone.

    Ostensibly, but there's no reason for security robots to have the kind of fire power those things did. Also where in their original programming is the imperative to hide bodies after murdering them? There's something else going on here.

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