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    Rollerball (2002)

    I believe that the guy that acts as the announcer in this film went on to host, "Info-wars"
  2. Tosk57

    Rollerball (2002)

    So I was watching the TV the other day and I came across a rollerskating movie with lethal consequences. Thinking that this was a 80's era Cannon film I paused to patiently await the tits and just under belly button bush that I know would be my reward. Then suddenly I was treated to Chris Kline of American Pie and LL Cool Jay. That's when I hit the wiki to find that this movie was made in 2002!!! This movie has consumed me, How did a roller skating movie get made in 2002? This movie is more then just a bad movie, it is a bad concept, its bad dialogue, bad set design, bad editing, im sure the script was written in comic sans, simply put this movie is the culmination of many bad choices leading to a cinematic this masterpiece that is 30 years past its due date. Its like a production team from Communist Romania where trying desperately to capture the feel of a 1970's film that was smuggled into their country. Please please please help me to understand how exactly this movie was made. Thanks Taylor