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    Honey (2003)

    This movie includes: 1. The swarthy guy who got Honey her start ruins her career when she rejects his advances 2. Inner city youth turns to gangs and ends up in prison because Honey's career was sabotaged. 3. Honey puts on a benefit show with her dance kids to raise money for her dream dance studio. They plaster the neighborhood with flyers and inexplicably pack the house. Studio is now possible. It's all for the kids. 4. Jessica Alba struggling to confidently shout "5,6,7,8!" in tempo to dancers she has supposedly choreographed. She is also standing five feet in front of them and using a bullhorn 5. Missy Elliot in a powerhouse cameo. 6. Horrible dancing. It's all like low impact walk-dancing and not very impressive. The kid who was in prison (Lil Romeo) has a dance solo during the benefit's big finish and he just stood there. He shook his hips twice and just stood there.
  2. Samantha Ridiculous

    Episode 158 - Body Parts: LIVE!

    I also enjoyed how his car and the car in front of him crumpled together to form a platform that presumably catapulted him further into the air.
  3. Samantha Ridiculous

    Under The Rainbow (1981)

    My wife and I were in LA to escape the Chicago winter and see a live HDTGM show and we stayed at the Culver Hotel. We found out that one of the Hotel's claims to fame was that it was where MGM put all the little people during the production of Wizard of Oz. While trying to find out more we stumbled across this little gem, starring Carrie Fischer and Chevy Chase, which uses the hotel filled with little people actors as a premise. It's racist, size-ist, and completely incomprehensible.
  4. Samantha Ridiculous

    Episode 158 - Body Parts: LIVE!

    Did anyone else have a problem with the physics of the car crash? We see Jeff Fahey come to a screeching halt because the car in front of him lost its tire, then he's rear-ended by the semi. When you're at a stop and get rear-ended you are pushed back into your seat. Hitting something head-on is what would launch you out of your windshield.