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  1. I was listening to this episode right before I got my car emissions tested yesterday. I play audio to my car via bluetooth and forgot that it will automatically play whatever I was listening to last when the car is turned on. Right when I turned my car off to hand my keys over to the emissions testing woman Scott said something about trying to "keep it G rated". When I got back to my car the episode was playing again and I'm fairly sure she heard the until "gotta eat ass" bit before the singing of guitar solos.

  2. CBB was my intro to the "UCB scene" and has transformed me from a "guy who likes tv shows" to a full on "comedy nerd." Now whenever someone says "it's been awhile," I instinctively sing it back without hesitation. But most of all, I keep coming back for the laughs, and stick around for the goofs.

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    Whatever it took to get to Scott's "pants" line was worth it.


    I actually thought the opening segment was great; Scott really shines in those interviews.


    Also, I felt like he was mere seconds away from coincidentally calling Jeff Bezos "Crazy Jeff".


    Yeah I thought it was hilarious, they obviously didn't get it at all and he fucked with them the entire time