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    Episode 527 - Hootie Hoo

    This was a wonderful episode that had me smiling throughout and breaking into hard laughter at certain points. Other parts had me breaking into stifled laughter and other points still have me chuckling to myself! There were some parts where I was attentive, the commercials mostly, but then other parts had me back to laughing and smiling. "Big Ol' Truck Palin." LMAO Great stuff!
  2. Seriously, Ira Glass says it weird.
  3. Adventureless_Hero

    With thee whether thee wither

    With thee whether thee wither
  4. Red Fish, Blew Fish. Pink Fish, Lick Fish.
  5. Adventureless_Hero

    Episode 465 - Harsh Joe Pinions

    I couldn't stop laughing with Gil Ozeri's character Joe Pinions, but I have to admit that he did remind me quite a bit of Paul Rust's New No No's segments. Still, I enjoy all the funny shit!