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    Episode 486 - Schwimm On In

    Jon Daly has always been rock solid, but he's making this particular show a runner up for best of the year. Garlic dipping sauce also gets me closer to Christ.
  2. PocketBees

    Episode 448 - Master of Horror

    This episode has driven me out of the status of message board lurker, into a poster. I listen to this episode at least once a month. Every single participant was on their A game. To me, this is Ryan's breakthrough episode, and now every time I see him on a podcast, I know it's going to be good. John Gemberling is always rock solid. He's become one of my favorite guests since little button puss, which has caused me to follow him into the rabbit hole that is Improv4Humans, which is now rivaling CBB as my favorite podcast. Scott had some great gags too, even his commercials were funny. Solid work guy. Great chemistry with Rob Robert Kirkman has to be one of the best non-improv guests that's ever been on the show. He seemed very comfortable in the CBB element, and was an overall delight.