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    Episode 180 - Mikal Cronin, Our Close Music

    Tuesday is just around the corner and I'm nervous. In the meantime, what does frittage(sp) mean? When Sean says "Licensed frittage therapist". I tried googling it, but I think I'm spelling it very wrong. I'm assuming it means hand stuff.
  2. throwhands

    Worst Episode?

    I actually thought the wild horses ep was one of the worst too. I felt like they hijacked the show and didn't let the boys do their thing. Which like.. could be great because god knows the boys deserve it for putting other people into uncomfortable positions, but I didn't feel like they did much with it once they took it. If I had to bet I'd guess that's the episode the clemington was talking about when he mentioned the "bad episode". Nothing against the wild horses in general though, they're good in other things.
  3. throwhands

    (other) Comedy Podcasts?

  4. throwhands

    (other) Comedy Podcasts?

    this guy gets it. guys seriously listen to YLNT
  5. throwhands

    (other) Comedy Podcasts?

    You look nice today sadly stopped years ago, but hollywood handbook is the closest thing I ever found to it, and vice versa. http://youlooknicetoday.com/node?page=4 give it at least one episode, there are a lot of similarities. honorable mention for My Brother My Brother and Me / The Adventure zone (but they're nothing like hh).