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    Episode 159 - Sleepwalkers

    Did I miss the significance of the cemetary? The mum is all 'i'm so hungry' so he has to get her some sweet sweet virgin juice - and what do you know the girl shows up AT THE DOOR, mum escorts her in and makes nice - was there any reason why they couldn''t pounce on her then? His attacking at the cemetary was insane. Literally
  3. FictionalWookie

    Episode 159 - Sleepwalkers

    Long time Earwolf fan. I feel compelled to chime in on this amazing film. What to say? I think with the mum and son banging thing - I think Stephen King was alluding to how the modern vampire stories involve the OG vampire 'masters' who decide 'turn' their victim to become like one of them, and usually its gets all weird and sexylike due to their blood/physic bond. So maybe the Mom is his vampire mom rather than really mom who decided to turn her prey hundreds of years ago and now its all weird and incestuous - but not actually? I think this is a theory that June would prefer though! Of course, as said in the podcast, they say again and again 'son' and 'mother'. As with other King projects, I think the train of thought on that score was lost during cocaine happytimes, and perhaps it was more fun to just have them be straight up incesty poundtowns. Stabbed in the back with a corn cob. Also, the guy, in nice guy mode - tells his intended victim's mom his real address. Which evidently that very next day, leads the police to simply know to go directly to his house. They didn't even need the car chasey info! (which btw didnt show any license plate checking and whatnot but hey, old mate was focused on Clovis' getting pats and whatnot. His behaviour in the woods betrayed any notion that he had second thoughts about the shit they were up to, obviously. Omg. OK. I'll sleep now. 5/5