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  1. Released during the height of "Dane Cookmania" of the mid 2000's stars Cook as a cliche "underachieving wisecracking slacker with a good heart" who works as a stockboy in a Sam's Club/Costco-esque warehouse store who desperately tries to win employee of the month once he hears Jessica Simpson's one dimensional character fucked the employee of the month her last job. It climaxes in a really dumb "who can bag the most groceries? contest" between Dane Cook and Dax Shepard's characters. It's a truly terrible comedy with a ridiculous premise.
  2. joe727

    Ready to Rumble (2000)

    Today is the 17th anniversary of the release of this film. I know they already did a shitty pro wrestling movie with "No Holds Barred" but i'm holding out hope they eventually take on this one.
  3. joe727

    Bio-Dome (1996)

    I just started this podcast, and this movie was the first one i thought of that i hope they eventually do. I think Paul casually mentioned it in one of the recent mini-sodes so there is definitely hope.