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    Fallen (2016)

    I also thought it was the Denzel/John Goodman "dagnabbit we paid for a Rolling Stones song & we're gonna use it at every possible turn" movie. It's not quite crazy enough for HGTGM, maybe, but it has some wacky charm... Also, I have never heard of either the 2016 movie nor the worldwide bestselling novel, This bodes very very ill.
  2. purltwo

    Episode 160 - The Lake House: LIVE!

    But her hair, makeup and wardrobe have all improved, so presumably she's at least gotten some good raises? Or taken some good bribes to give away tables? I'm imagining the Wyler Reservation has become A Thing among the Il Mare staff - speculating about it, telling jokes about it, getting Hostess to tell the tale of the Weirdo Booking A Table Two Years Ahead, etc.
  3. purltwo

    Johnny Mnemonic (1995)

    This is a bad movie in the BEST way. Like, every other scene I was like, "Wait, did I really just see that?! Was that really a thing that happened?"
  4. purltwo

    Episode 160 - The Lake House: LIVE!

    I was screaming "IT'S THE 2000S!!! GOOGLE!!!!" at my screen the entire time. For some reason I went into this thinking Keanu was, like, in the 1940s. TWO YEARS??? But. I had a June-ish theory. Popped into my mind when Kate (wearing an ugly green headscarf) and her boring mother were having a boring talk about love over a boring lunch. Mom said something about before I met your father I loved a boy and we wrote letters. What happened? "Well I had to get to where I could have you" or some such horsehockey. Just for half a second I thought "OMG bet Mom was in love with Christopher Plummer. Sandy is Keanu's sister."