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  1. Baron

    Episode 226 - Body of Evidence: LIVE!

    Is this related to the novel of the same name?
  2. I am 99.6% sure that the Voice, the bad guys disembodied voice that we hear throughout the movie, is Ryan Reynolds. It may not be the same character as he plays in the rest of the movie, but listen to his voice especially in the last scene as he teases the next movie.
  3. Baron

    Robin Hood (2018)

    I think I just watched that some review, lol
  4. I just watched Robin Hood with Taron Egerton. It. Is. 100%. Garbage; perfect for the Podcast!
  5. Baron

    Episode 194.5 - Minisode 194.5

    here I thought it was me! I was starting to troubleshoot lol
  6. Baron

    Beautiful Creatures (2013)

    Just watched it, it is truly awful. The actress playing the girl Savannah is 30!
  7. Baron

    Episode 046: The Henchmen Ranked

    Which film is it for next episode?
  8. Baron

    G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra (2009)

    I just re-watched both live action films, and I must agree with my esteemed colleagues. This film was made only to be lampooned on this podcast. Interestingly, I changed my mind about the sequel. While it is not great because it is a sequel to such an awful film, it was actually pretty fun.
  9. Baron

    Gleaming the Cube (1989)

    Awe man I love this movie!
  10. Baron

    Showdown in Little Tokyo (1991)

    Awe man I love this movie!
  11. Baron

    Pilgrim's Progress (2008)

    the original was Liam Nieson's first role
  12. Baron

    Timecop (1994)

    If the time sled throws them into the past,how do they get back?
  13. This movie is awful, and Don Jonsons daughter might be gorgeous but she is not a good actress. I know Jason is in this and he is the best, but if you dish it out you have to take it.
  14. Yes! Please to this or do all the Stoooopid Prequels
  15. Baron

    Timecop (1994)

    I'm watching it on Amazon as I type. At first I was mad when Paul said this was the film. I was 16 when this came out at it was my jam! However there are flaws in it. Still, I would watch this any day of the week and twice on Sunday over any Fast or Tranformers or Twilight or Harry Potter, etc, etc. A couple thought: 1) a covert agency should not wear uniforms in the present much less when going to the past 2) I remember Mia Sarah being a better actress. Perhaps 16 year old me was too distracted by her tits 3) The Commander seems wildly uninterested and scepticle of the Senator stealing the Presidency...for the Commander of a Time Protection Commission! That said, there are some great actors in this, and who doesn't love JCVD!! Also, fuck you alll, The Shadow was a great movie!