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  1. Baron

    King Solomon's Mines (1985)

    I watched this movie when I was 10 or so...are you saying its not as good as I remember?!?!?
  2. Baron

    Lucy (2014)

    I remember liking this movie until about the last quarter.
  3. Baron

    Leon: The Professional (1994)

    Apparently the original script had a sex scene between the two of them, and Natalie's parents went "WTF!"
  4. Baron

    Knock Knock (2015)

    Really? Everyone I've talked to who watched the movie told they loved it.
  5. Shadow in the Cloud (2021) Looks like prime HDTGM material! Theaters aren't open in Washington, but I have heard from others who have seen the movie. It looks like utter nonsense and if you read the plot description on Wiki, its even worse than the trailer:
  6. Baron

    Episode 256.5 - Minisode 256.5

    How did they forget to plug in to record the podcast, LOL!
  7. One thing I enjoyed was Gus’ relationship with his niece, it was very sweet
  8. Baron

    Flight of the Navigator (1986)

    These are fighting words!!!!!
  9. Baron

    Rat Race (2001)

    You watch your filthy mouth! I love Rat Race!
  10. I find the existence of this movie to be depressing
  11. "After stealing a briefcase, a drifter finds himself caught in the middle of an international crime caper" Staring: Casper Van Dein Trailer:
  12. Baron

    Partners (1982)

    Came here to post this movie
  13. Baron

    Episode 226 - Body of Evidence: LIVE!

    Is this related to the novel of the same name?
  14. I am 99.6% sure that the Voice, the bad guys disembodied voice that we hear throughout the movie, is Ryan Reynolds. It may not be the same character as he plays in the rest of the movie, but listen to his voice especially in the last scene as he teases the next movie.