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    Episode 148 - Point Break (w/ Andrew Barker)

    I really love this movie. If anything can be a guilty pleasure for me, it's this movie. Yeah that's a terrible term, but I just have always felt I'm not supposed to like a movie like this, yet it's something I always enjoyed watching. I saw it in the theater on it's initial release with my cousin, his wife and my sister. Maybe that memory makes it better for me. I watched this again a couple months ago so it is still fresh in my mind. When I told people I watched it, they could only ask why. Still, when I heard this would be an episode, my initial reaction was no, as I wasn't sure how I could convince anyone else to watch it. However, Barker makes a great point about this being the change in action films from bodybuilders to, well, beautiful people, if still not ordinary people. I'll go with a soft yes.
  2. Robert Boberts

    Episode 139 - The NeverEnding Story (w/ Dave Nadelberg)

    I am one of those who read the book first, before the movie was released. I was also about 10 when I read it. I think I didn't make it to see the movie in the theater, but by the time I saw it, I was just disappointed at how different it was from the book I loved. I still cite it as my favorite childhood book. It seemed I was the only kid who hated the movie. In addition to changing the name of Fantastica and only comprising half the book, it also made the nothing a something; the book clearly said it was not a storm. As an adult I've tried to move past this. I don't think a movie should be judged by how faithful it is to the book. But even on it's own, it's not great enough a movie to make it into the Canon. I enjoy it for what it is. But without any childhood love for this, it just seems like an OK movie. So it's a hard no for me.
  3. Robert Boberts

    Episode 127- Back to the Future Trilogy (w/ Evan Dickson)

    My favorite 2015 prediction in Part 2 never occurred to me until I went back and watched it on BTTF day. They completely predicted urban gentrification, downtown revivals and the downfall of the suburbs.
  4. Robert Boberts

    Homework: Z (1969)

    Oh, I've never heard of this and it sounds really interesting. Available to rent streaming on Amazon.
  5. Robert Boberts

    Episode 109 - Raising Arizona (w/ Ira Madison III)

    Of course this is a "yes." However, if this had been a versus with Burn After Reading, it would be a much tougher decision.
  6. Robert Boberts


    Well I'd enjoy such a mini-episode. That said, would the casual listener who doesn't post on the boards even bother to listen to mini-episodes? I guess a little more commentary on the discussion within the episode would be nice, but then again that might turn off the listener who didn't listen to previous week's episode.
  7. Robert Boberts

    Homework: Where the Sidewalk Ends (1950)

    Well I'm happy to see and discuss a noir I've never heard of before (love noir). The last 2 weeks have been movies I can't stand.
  8. This was difficult for me to choose, partly because neither is a shoe-in for the Canon, but also because this pairing has really nothing much in common to make it a good versus. There are tons of movies on the Blacklist, so that doesn't seem to be enough to pair them against each other. The only thing I thought going into it is that they both have JK Simmons. Whiplash is his better performance, but that still doesn't make me want to vote for it. I think I enjoyed Whiplash more, but I just don't think it belongs in the Canon. I already rewatched Juno a couple months ago and I still like it. I'd be hesitant to vote it in if it were the only movie discussed, but I like the argument about it being influential. I am glad there is a neither option, but I don't think I want to use it every time I can't pick a movie. I'd rather use that in extreme cases where I really dislike both movies. In this case, I do like both. I'm voting for Juno. What the hell is twee though? I've heard this word on the Brett Easton Ellis podcast. I've looked up the definition, but I just don't understand what the word is referring to. What makes Juno's dialogue twee?
  9. Robert Boberts

    Episode 99 - Sign o' the Times vs. Stop Making Sense

    R.I.P. Jonathan Demme I voted for Stop Making Sense despite not seeing Sign o the Times. I feel bad doing that but White made little argument for why it's a better movie, instead just seeming to be a fan of Prince. I was weary about how a discussion of a concert film would go but Amy did make some good points about the film itself, and the choices of shots.
  10. Robert Boberts

    Episode 98 - Ghostbusters

    Welcome back! Great episode. I'm glad there was disagreement. I am going with a no here. It's good, but one of those movies I liked more as a kid that doesn't seem essential after watching it as an adult. I also never really loved it, even as a kid. I was a fan of the performers, but I was more into the theme song and the "no ghost" symbol than the movie itself. Not that it matters, but I was formerly using the name Rob Molecule on here. For whatever reason, it says the user name doesn't exist when I try to recover the password, but says it is already taken when I tried to use the name for a new account.