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    Episode 152 - The Breakfast Club (w/ Christy Lemire)

    I'm a young guy who only watched this recently, and I found it to be gross, unimpressive, and boring. As with most John Hughes projects, the treatment of women leaves a lot to be desired, especially since Judd Nelson sexually harasses Molly Ringwald and they end up together (not even gonna talk about Ally Sheedy's 'transformation'). I don't know how anyone relates to this movie (especially since I was the right age to relate to it), it consists of a bunch of stereotypes complaining that they're stereotypes, I didn't find it funny or emotionally involving, and I don't even think it connected well to that sense of grand teenage narcissism as well as dozens of other teen movies. I have to think there's some sort of nostalgic lens (even for people my age) that makes this movie a sort of high school ideal, something that people decide is relatable because it's comfortable to think that.