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    Episode 123 - Martyrs (w/ Adam Egypt Mortimer)

    Never felt like checking this movie out, but I've now been forced to, and I'm glad I was. Surprisingly well-crafted and without a trace of irony, Martyrs is the first time I've felt true deep horror from a movie in a long time. Definite YES.
  2. 0=Axel=0

    Episode 101 - Shakespeare in Love (w/ David Ehrlich)

    I had never seen this before, and was quite floored by it. I voted YES. What an excellent screenplay. What a stellar ensemble cast. It looks like it won't make it in, sadly. This isn't as unfortunate a loss as The Hurt Locker (which suffered a downright disgusting exclusion from the canon) but I do really think it deserved to get in. Hopefully it'll get a second chance if Amy still wants to do those episodes where previously losing films go against each other, but then again, it'd be up against behemoths like Boogie Nights and The Hurt Locker.
  3. Whiplash all the way. The only reason Juno has more of a cultural impact is because it's been around for seven more years. I guarantee that Whiplash will have at least as much of a cultural impact if not more of one by 2021. Even in 2014 and 2015, you could already see its effect. And as a musician, I could relate to this movie very strongly. The scene where Simmons tries out the new band students and puts them down one by one crushes me every time. Juno is a reprehensible movie not just because it inspired a bunch of crap movies but also because it abortion-shames. The last thing young women need is ONE MORE piece of media telling them that it's too hard and not to go through with it.
  4. 0=Axel=0

    Episode 98 - Ghostbusters

    Yes. Even if it didn't have enormous and long-lasting cultural impact, it's still a great comedy with great chemistry amongst its leads, and surprisingly non-dated effects. The re-writing of Hudson's character is unfortunate, though.