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  1. Hope it's not too late to make corrections and omissions (when does Paul record the minisodes, anyway?). But my wife and I were at the show and in the row behind the lady with the bike question. We were oh so close to being able to offer our observations:

    Maybe it was too close to the ending of Game of Thrones, what with Daario 2 front and center on the screen, but we definitely felt the movie was setting up a long lost twins separated at birth incest twist ending.

    It doesn't help that the movie is so all over the place that the initial surface reading could be anything: fate, reincarnation, time travel, coincidental patterns, etc. But the flashback to the newspaper talked about 3 dead at the train station, not 4 or 5 (if we're to include any unborn fetus(es) in the death count). We felt this could easily be interpreted that the very pregnant victim from the past had 2 babies that were viable outside the womb and possibly sent off to different adoptive families, only to be reunited at a later date. Evidence being the same birth date which happened to be the date of the murder, also the scientific studies that have shown that family members who have not grown up together seem to be more physically and emotionally attracted or attached to each other. It's a biological/evolutionary thing. I promise I'm not into incest! Anyway, this theory seemed very plausible at the time!

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  2. On 8/30/2020 at 12:58 AM, Cameron H. said:

    I would have to relisten to confirm, but I think she was saying that the most recent episode at the time of recording was Ep 222 (Unforgettable) not that 2:22 was the 222 ep. 

    I was at the show and checked my phone/podcast feed immediately afterwards and sure enough, the episode that had dropped the night before was episode 222.

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