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  1. Ya dig it slip spipper? https://soundcloud.com/drlovedrinksmusic/chickadee ~~~~ Dan "Prackly" Love
  2. Mary be Poppins but there ain't no stoppins the Dennis Rodman apocalypse. Put that umbrella away and get in the bunker!
  3. Shark Tale ain't no smart tale, we need a rewrite, John Updike!
  4. Broccoli Cacophony, A James Bond Opera. Star War Fidlar, Gotta Love Jar-Jar.
  5. The podcast where horsedrawn carriages are a thing of the past.
  6. This podcast is dedicated to the man with no eyes, for him this is everything, what a guy.
  7. :rolleyes:If you like chicken noodle scoop, stick your hand in a tub of orange goop, and rub it down til ya poop.