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  1. JAL2099

    To Kill A Mockingbird

    As a native to Central Texas, I have to align with Amy regarding mocking birds. It was always great to see some badass cat pull one of those little dive bombers out of the air. Until I actually read the book, I couldn’t fathom that title alluded to anything but to kill a mocking bird being a good thing.
  2. JAL2099

    Episode 163 - Zodiac vs. Shaun of the Dead vs. Magnolia

    Tough choices! “Magnolia” and “Zodiac” are arguably great cinema, but “Shaun” is so sincere, good-hearted (and impeccably made). It’s just lovely. I leave Fincher films and Paul Thomas Anderson films ecstatic for the “cinema”, and Ieave Edgar Wright movies happy to be at the cinema. “Shaun” has my vote.
  3. I hope I’m not the only one doing a terrible Cary Grant impression to the dismay of friends and family. Cary Grant referencing Archie Leach is just sublime. His Girl Friday all the way.
  4. JAL2099

    Episode 125 - The Host (w/ Owen Shiflett)

    Meant to type, "can't just vote for my faves"...obvs.
  5. JAL2099

    Episode 125 - The Host (w/ Owen Shiflett)

    I adore this movie, but I have to remind myself that I can just vote for my faves. There are better socially charged monster films, better Korean films and better Jong Joon Ho films. The ability to put multiple genres in a single scene seems to be Korea’s forte, and an unconvention I really adore. I beg everyone to check out 1999’s phenomenal Nowhere to Hide. (there is no trailer that does this film justice..the “Cannes promo” may get close)
  6. JAL2099

    Episode 124 - Suspiria (w/ Roxanne Benjamin)

    I am so remiss I did not vote in the last two. The Tingler is so great and Martyrs is the Fight Club of French Horror. Strong yes on Suspiria. That scene in Helena Markos' room is as terrifying today as the first time I saw this. Suspiria is a film that has and will always stand on its own and is untouchable by time.