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    Episode 175 - Ultraviolet: LIVE!

    My absolutely favorite scene was the Three Wise Monkey's scene. From him asking four armed vampires if they can kill him, to not spilling a drop of coffee from his futuristic martini-glass-cup, to they guy shot in the ear somehow falling down dead, this scene played like a microcosm of all the problems in the movie: it didn't make any sense; it was over the top; it was poorly executed (how many times is the coffee level going to change in that cup?!); it didn't drive the plot; it was overtly symbolic (though I don't know what the symbol had to do with the theme of the movie); and it was thoroughly confusing! I'm not recommending this movie to anyone, but everyone should take a minute to appreciate that scene!
  2. braums

    Episode 161.5 - Minisode 161.5

    When discussing the Bud Light vs. Bud Heavy replacement, Paul wonders if Fast and Furious had lost their Corona sponsorship. However, according to this Vanity Fair article, Corona was NEVER a sponsor of any Fast and Furious movies. They have never paid a "thin dime!" Moreover, the featured replacement beers (Budweiser and Stella Artois) are both owned by the same company, Anheuser-Busch. Hope everyone found that as fascinating as I did!